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GreenVitals Freelancing

The key to successful communication is being able to tell people in clear, detailed, and yet simple language why something is useful or important for them.

I spent the majority of my career covering the mortgage industry’s companies, trends, technologies, and legislations. Today, my career is dedicated to researching and writing about all aspects of environmentalism as they relate to life, businesses, and technologies.

As a journalist, in general, I’m skilled at being able to research and write on any topic, as well as customize the complexity of language to any target audience. If you’re looking for a writer with a clear and straightforward style, and about a decade of experience, I might be just who you’re looking for.

Client Services

Article Writing

  • Features
  • Research Studies
  • Company Profiles
  • Product Profiles
  • Industry Trends
  • Other Client Specified Articles


  • Product Sheets
  • Sales Brochures
  • Web Content
  • Other Client Specified Materials

Business Writing

  • Technical Writing (user manuals, online help, etc.)
  • Ghostwriting (speeches, etc.)
  • Fundraising Letters

Client Fees

In all circumstances, client fees are negotiable based on the specific requirements of each agreed upon writing assignment.


Kyriaki (Sandy) Venetis
Tel: 718-415-3615
Email: KVenetis@greenvitals.net