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Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal Toys Win Oppenheim Gold Seal Award 

Jooble Organic Cotton Stuffed Animal Toys. Photo provided by Fair Indigo.

MADISION, Wis.- Fair Indigo, a multi-developer and distributor of toys and clothing, has just received the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award for its Organic Cotton Joobles Collection.

Joobles is the product name given to the company’s collection for now 10 stuffed animal toys. The name Jooble symbolizes joy and happiness, according to Jody Fossum, director of product development at Fair Indigo.

“Inspiration for the toys came last October when we were visiting a knitting facility in Peru and watching their Fair Trade operating standards. We said what a great way to make incredibly friendly safe toys that are cute and whimsical for children,” said Ms. Fossum.

Fair Trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach to promoting sustainability and empowering producers in developing country. The movement advocates the payment of a fair prices as well as social and environmental standards in areas related to production. It focuses in particular on exports from developing countries to developed countries.

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Excessive Lead Paint Levels Force the Recall of Four Toy Products in Dec. ‘08

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has initiated, with the cooperation of manufacturers, the voluntary recall of the following four toy products because they contain components with excessive amounts of lead, which violate federal lead paint standards.

  • Groovy Fashions Sassy Jammies Doll Clothing Sets
  • “Dinosaur Epoch” Toy Dinosaurs
  • Army Figures
  • Calypso Steel Drums

In all four circumstances, no incidents have yet been reported by consumers, according to the CPSC, which instructs consumers to immediately take the recalled products away from children. Instructions regarding return policies are contained within the following product information descriptions.

Groovy Fashions Sassy Jammies Doll Clothing Sets are manufactured by the Manhattan Group, Minneapolis. The hazard results from the surface paints on the pajama pants. The recalled doll clothing set features a two-piece pajama set, eye mask, and slippers. The pajama top is pink satin and the pants are dark brown with multiple-colored flowers printed on them.

Consumers should return the toys through the purchase method that they used - mail order, internet, or specialty gift store - for a full refund or store credit. The toys were sold between January 2008 and October 2008 for about $12. The company can be reached at: 800-514-1345 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday; or at the company’s website: www.manhattantoy.com.

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Green Toys Inc. Wins Award for Environmentally Friendly Innovations

Green Toys Inc. Co-Founders Robert von Goeben and Laurie Hyman show cookware and dinning set with Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy. Photo provided by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. ToySAN FRANCISCO - The second annual international Dr. Toy Green Toy Company Award has been presented to Green Toys Inc. in recognition for the company’s efforts in environmental conservation in all aspects of its operations. The award was presented by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy and The Institute for Childhood Resources.

The award was presented at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, an established and well-respected vegetarian eatery.

Remarking on the criteria for the award, Dr. Auerbach said, “We are always looking for the most innovative ways a company can produce and design new products. The designs must provide children with the opportunity for stimulating creative play that also promotes communication.”

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