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Cool Eclectic Ideas for Buying Lamps Made From Recycled Materials As Great Home Accent Pieces

By Reclaimed LIGHTING.

I love accent pieces. They give a room that extra bit of unique style that really catches your eye. I’m focusing on lamps made from recycled materials because they’re really cool to look at and have a functional purpose.

A great thing about modern lamps made from recycled materials is their variety of styles, and use materials including metals, wood, glass, and even coconuts to make some really whimsical pieces.

But if you’re not the whimsical type, there are lots of other styles that are perfect for tastes ranging from modern elegant to country casual to beach style.

In my search for really eclectic lamps made from recycled materials, I came across an equally eclectic array of outlets from designers with their own online boutiques to the mega lighting stores. The four outlets that I liked best are: Reclaimed LIGHTING, GIN ART & Design, Houzz, and Lamps Plus.

Reclaimed LIGHTING

By Reclaimed LIGHTING.

Reclaimed LIGHTING is a great little boutique whose owners craft all of their unique creations. Their lighting includes unique chandeliers, hanging lighting fixtures, as well as table and floor lamps.

Focusing on their lamps, I love their antique cooper heater desk lamp, which is designed to look like a fan.

I think it’s a great piece for an old fashioned study that incorporates a lot of wood and metal decor, and leather furnishings. But from the picture, you can tell that it can be incorporated into any style.

I also love their reclaimed antique gumball lamps. They come in a desk lamp and standing floor lamp style.

By Reclaimed LIGHTING.

The antique gumball lamps have a really whimsical look that’s great for any old fashioned or rustic living space.

An interesting thing about these lamps is that the company recommends the use either CFL or LED bulbs equal to a max of 40 watts, specifically advising the “use of CFL or LED bulbs for all closed mason jar products to protect the integrity of the glass.”

The company adds that it’s not responsible for any cracks or breakage of the jars due to improper bulb choice. But I wouldn’t suggest modern looking CFL or LED bulbs.

There’s now an array of vintage looking CFL or LED bulbs. There is a whole collection of vintage-style LED bulbs at Fat Shack Vintage that I like. But you can also look on Amazon.com or other retailers for these types of bulbs too.

GIN Art & Design

Photo by GIN Art & Design.

GIN Art & Design is also an independent design studio that makes all of its own creations. They focus on contemporary designs, creating furniture, sculptures, and art installations.

The design studio has created a unique collection of table lamps made from recycled stacked 45 RPM records. These lamps are great for music lovers and make nice nostalgic pieces anywhere music features prominent in a room.

The lamps come in solid colors, like black, white, red, blue, green, and orange, and in multiple color designs. GIN Art has ready-made pieces and also does customized pieces.

The option for flexible color designs is great for customizing a lamp to fit a particular room’s color scheme. Besides recycled records, the lamps are made with materials including linen shades, acrylic paint, Plexiglas, birch wood rings, and UL-rated lamp components.

These lamps also require very particular care. GIN Art recommends that these lamps not be placed in direct sunlight or near a direct heat source such as a radiator, vent, or fireplace. Smoke, ashes, and heat can damage the lamps.


Photo by Houzz.

Houzz is an online home design and decorating community that’s a one-stop source for finding furnishings, design ideas from other homeowners, as well as assistance from designers and home improvement professionals.

Houzz has a huge array of lamps made from recycled materials, ranging from the whimsical animal shapes made from coconuts to more elegant and sophisticated glass lamps.

Photo by Houzz.

One of my favorite whimsical pieces is Natural Coconut Shell Seagull Accent Lamp. The body is made from real coconut with holes drilled to allow the light to shine out. The rest of the body is made from carved wood with hemp rope accents.

The lamp is a lovely piece for any beach style living area. It features a nightlight style bulb and a six foot long power cord with a toggle on/off switch. The lamp is also available through Zeckos: Out-Of-This- World Stuff.

Another whimsical piece I like that’s also available through Houzz and Zeckos is the Recycled Coconut Shell Zebra Accent Lamp.

Photo by Houzz.

It’s really cute for a child’s room. The body is also made of a coconut with holes drilled in it to let the light out. The head, neck, and legs are made of wood and hand painted. This lamp also uses a night light style bulb (that’s not included) and has a rocker on/off switch.

I like Houzz because it also has a lot of modern elegant pieces like the Recycled Glass Ball Lamp that’s also sold by Bliss Home & Design.

The body of this artisan lamp is a blue translucent globe of wavy glass. It’s perfect for a nautical or seaside décor.

Lamps Plus

Chartreuse recycled glass lamp.

Lamps Plus has almost any kind of lighting that you could want, including chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights, outdoor lights, ceiling fans, and lamps.

I wanted to highlight Lamps Plus because I really like their assortment of lamps made with recycled materials. There styles range from elegant modern contemporary to very beachy.

One lamp that I like is the Chartreuse Recycled Glass Table Lamp because it has a beautiful elegant look and has waves in the glass that remind me of flowing water.

It’s made of translucent recycled glass and is topped with a crisp white cotton drum shade. It also features a silver colored cord.

Regina-Andrew seeded lamp.

This lamp is also available in blue. I like this lamp because of the versatility of styles that it can be incorporated into. It can fit into a very causal environment, but it can also fit into more refined décor because of the luxurious look of the glass.

The Regina-Andrew Seeded Recycled Glass Vessel Table Lamp also has an elegant, but more of a beach feel.

The seeded glass contains pin-sized bubbles, and replicates a style of glass popular in colonial times. I like the relaxed feeling of this lamp, which also features a soft-colored lamp shade.

Couture Sawgrass lamp.

Another lamp with a beach feel, though with a bit of a different style is the Couture Sawgrass Recycled Glass Table Lamp. I like the airy feel of this lamp and can picture it in a home overlooking the ocean.

The lamp is made of recycled clear glass with marsh brown and gray wood finish details. It also features a woven sawgrass overlay and is topped with a Deco-style triple layer shade made of natural off-white linen.

In discovering all of these lamps, the thing I like most about them is that they’re all unique, fun to look at, and fit into a wide range of homes.

Reader comments and input are always welcomed!

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