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Top Ideas For Furnishing Across Multiple Styles For That Perfect Eco-Friendly Living Room Space

Country Causal Living Room. Photo courtesy of Eco-FriendlyModernLiving.

Always looking for green decorating ideas, I decided to focus this post on where we spend the most time at home – living room, which for many of us doubles as the family room.

It’s where we watch television, play games, and generally relax. Spending some much time in the living room, we should also make sure that it’s as healthy and comfortable as it is beautiful.

If you are either planning on redecorating or buying furniture for the first time, then you should really read this post. I found four great online eco-furniture and accessory outlets that are really worth looking at for their ranges of styles and selection. They are: Eco-FriendlyModernLiving, American Eco Furniture, EcoChoices, and GreenSofas.com.


Bali Wing Chair by Eco-FriendlyModernLiving.

Eco-FriendlyModernLiving has one of biggest and eclectic collections of environmentally-friendly furniture on the web, ranging from categories including sustainable, bamboo, modern, reclaimed wood, and colonial.

The company talks about its materials, saying, “The woods used by our manufacturer are either from tree species that are grown specifically for the wood carving industry such as bamboo and rubber trees or from recycled wood which is 75 to 150 years old.”

I have favorite pieces from each of their collections. The piece that I like best from the sustainable collection is the Bali Wing Chair, which feature rattan (palm) and rattan peel in a herringbone weave.

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Great Looking Eco-Friendly Furnishing Ideas For Dorm and Small Apartment Living On A Budget

Triple Storage Cubes Plus bookcase.

Most people have the same basic goals when planning a living space – they want it to look good, be functional, and be economic, but if you have an eco-penchant too, you want to make sure your choices help sustain the environment and protect you from harmful chemicals found in many conventionally-made furnishings.

Right now, as usual, there aren’t that many department stores or even specialty stores near most of us, so our best options are still going shopping online. And, the great news is that there are lots of great eco-stores on the net that won’t break the bank.

Three great eco-outlets on the net that are more like malls are: The Ultimate Green Store, Pristine Planet, and Shades of Light.

The Ultimate Green Store

The Ultimate Green Store feels just like its name implies, has just about everything green that you can think of for your home, office, and life, including wide arrays of home and office furniture, office supplies, electronics, organic mattresses, bedding, linens, apparel accessories, and skin and bath products. And, these are just some of what they have, with most of their things well under $100.

Quad Cubby Organizer. Image by The Ultimate Green Store.

But getting back to furniture, there are several pieces that I especially like – they are: the Triple Storage Cubes Plus bookcase, the Quad Cubby Organizer, and the Storage Cubes.

Looking at the Triple Storage Plus bookcase, one of the great things about it is that it’s tall and slender so it can fit into narrower spaces and if you have more space, you can buy two and put them side-by-side.

The Triple Storage Plus bookcase is great for tall books and can be used as a storage center for other stuff. It also has a closed white back too, but the frame comes in four colors: natural, espresso, black, and white.

All of the Triple Storage Plus units are also water resistant and “sustainably made from zBoard recycled paper,” which is durable, non-toxic, and more lightweight than particle board, according to its maker Way Basics. The company also says all of its products are formaldehyde-free and volatile organic compound (VOC)-free.

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