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Eco-Conscious Boutiques Expanding Collections of Swimwear Using of Natural & Recycled Fibers

Summer is officially here, and it’s fun in the sun time again. Whether you’re the lay at poolside sort or the active sport sort, if you’re also looking for a stylish swimsuit whose material is gentle for you and the environment, then I have some great ideas for you.

I found some great online boutiques that have really nice eco-swimwear collections. Some of the largest and nicest collections are at: Koru Swimwear, Jita Swim and Island Wear, and FaeriesDance

Koru Swimwear

Kauri Bikini set. Photo by Koru Swimwear.

Koru Swimwear is an eco-friendly company, which primarily provides customers with a wide assortment of bikini styles from sporty to ultra-sexy that are great for tanning.

One of my favorite pieces from the collection is the Kauri Bikini set, which has a strapless tan colored top with a white overlay and a matching bottom. It comes in extra small and goes all the way up to large. This bikini is great for tanning because it’s strapless, and has a really elegant, classic look.

If you’re on the more active side, another great piece that I really like from Koru is the Kiwi Sport Bikini. It’s a sports bra inspired piece that’s made with a muscle control fabric and is designed to fit securely during sports activities.

Koru explains that the top is adjustable with shoulder ties on either side and the fabric is “ultra-chlorine resistant and provides excellent UV 50+ protection.”

Actually all of the swimsuits sold at Koru provide UV 50+ protection. Other features of the swimsuits are that they’re made with 65 percent recyclable materials and 25 percent elastane. They’re also designed for shape retention and thermal protection.

Kiwi Sport Bikini. Photo by Koru Swimwear.

Also, another great thing about the company is that all of the swimsuits are made with the use of recycled ECONYL fibers from Aquafil.

The ECONYL Regeneration System is a process of transforming industrial and post-consumer waste materials – including rigid textiles, fishing nets pulled from the oceans, and fluff that’s the top part of carpets and rugs – into new nylon materials.

All of the fabrics are made from CARVICO/JERSEY LOMELLINA, using the ECONYL fibers, and what’s known as a dope dyeing process, which involves introducing the dye into the molten plastic used to create the yarns. This is considered a low-impact dyeing process, which is done without water waste and water pollution.

Also all of the fabrics used by Koru are Oeko-Tex certified. Beyond using environmentally-friendly materials and processes, the company is also a member of 1% For The Planet and contributes to Healthy Seas.

Involvement with 1% For The Planet means member businesses give one percent of their sales directly to sustainability-oriented nonprofits of their choosing.

1% for the Planet vets each nonprofit for track record, credibility, and impact, as well as annually verifies that members are making their contributions. Members support nonprofit organizations including those that help save land, protect forests, rivers, and oceans.

Member companies also support initiatives including making agricultural and energy production more sustainable, as well as getting toxins out of the environment and plastics out of the oceans.

Koru has also partnered with Healthy Seas which is a joint venture group that works to clean oceans and seas of marine litter such as derelict fishnets, which are major contributors to marine mammal deaths.

Healthy Seas also works to recycle these materials and keep them out of landfills, and transform them into high quality raw materials for new products, including socks, swimwear, carpets, and other textiles.

Jita Swim and Island Wear

Hemp Halter Swimsuit. Photo by Jita.

Jita Swim and Island has a full assortment of swimwear encompassing various styles of one-piece bathing suits and bikinis, as well as a full range of women’s apparel including dresses, shirts, skirts, and pants.

The swimwear includes collections using organic hemp and organic cotton with Lycra spandex that’s latex free and hypoallergenic.

Each one-piece bathing suit and bikini style is also highly customizable, giving customers the option to select the cut, cup-size, and color from about 50 different colors, including: black, green, lavender, navy, pink, teal, burgundy, and a host of similar hued tie dyed colors.

The company offers 23 one piece swimsuit styles and a mix of 21 bikini tops and bottoms, which are each sold separately, giving consumers a lot of options for creative styles.

Among my favorite one piece swimsuit cuts are the adjustable halter, sweetheart tank, and curve cutout mid-drift. Of the bikinis, some of my favorite tops are the triangles, bandeau centers, halters, and for more sporting activities, the mid-drift tie tops. Another great thing about the company is that all of the apparel is made in the United States.

Bandeau Bikini Top. Photo by Jita.

If you’re looking for other ways to incorporate sustainable living into your lifestyle, the company also provides links to other websites including Organic Authority and Products Made In The USA – A directory of American-made products, including appliances and apparel.

Jita also provides links to conservation groups including: Save Our Beaches, The Nature Conservancy, and The Natural Resource Defense Council.


FaeriesDance has a great collection of swimwear, primarily bikinis that are made out of polyester from recycled plastic bottles combined with spandex.

Jeffrey’s Dream Bikini. Photo by FaeriesDance.

One of my favorite pieces from the collection is the Jeffery’s Dream Bikini, which features a top and bottom that reverse from solid aquamarine to a tropical print, allowing for mixing and matching.

The bikini features a triangle top that ties at the neck and back, and a bottom with tie-up open sides for a more adjustable fit. Beads adorn the straps on both the top and the bottom. The bikini is made from 84 percent polyester from recycled plastic bottles and 16 percent spandex. It comes in sizes from small to large and is made in Taiwan.

If you’re a little more athletic and plan to be playing volleyball or anything that involves jumping around, then I really like their Tres Palmas Sport Bikini. The top has a racerback design and the bottom gives full secure coverage.

Tres Palmas Sport Bikini. Photo by FaeriesDance.

The company describes the color pallet as a rustic colored design that reverses to solid black on both pieces. The bikini is made from 90 percent polyester from recycled plastic bottles and 10 percent from spandex. It comes in sizes from extra small to large and is made in Mexico.

FaeriesDance says that it’s proud that its apparel is made from “environmentally sensitive fabrics and low-impact dyes” and that it sources its products from manufacturers who “take care to ensure that all workers are treated fairly, safe from sweatshops, and receive living wages.”

FaeriesDance also says that, “No children are employed by any of our manufacturers here or overseas.”

In addition, the company also distributes one percent of its gross income to the following charities: The Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club Foundation, and Earthwatch Institute.

Reader comments and input are always welcomed!

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