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Vintage Blue Evolves Into an Eco-Fashion Boutique, While Keeping Its Retro-Sports Style

Photo courtesy of Vintage Blue.

PHILADELPHIA- The classic 1940s baseball-inspired fashion boutique Vintage Blue is in the process of launching its current product lines and developing those in the works to exclusively use eco-friendly materials, according to Liza Goncalves and Michelle D’Avella, the company’s co-owners.

The boutique’s product lines are currently tee shirts and totes. Ms. Goncalves talked about the company’s tee shirts, explaining that they are “now 100 percent organic cotton and we use non-toxic, water-based dyes for the printing on our products.”

The boutique is also in the process to designing a green line of dresses, sweat suits, and hoodies, all with a vintage theme inspired by its exclusive licensing of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League brand. Currently, the company expects to roll out this new line in the Spring of 2010, according to Ms. D’Avella.

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