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The United Kingdom's Green Revolution Stalling?

While the global recession has cut jobs across every industry in all countries, one of the worst hit has been the environmental sector in the United Kingdom, according to the Environmental Data Services’ latest report.

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David Carr, the report’s assistant editor, finds that “public spending cuts and a sluggish economy are now hitting green collar jobs, but some growth is expected.”

Growth prospects in green jobs are most likely to be seen in legislation-driven sectors such as waste, energy, efficiency, and sustainability – especially those areas related to carbon reduction.

Despite this, major job losses are under way at government departments and councils across the country. “Environmental roles are not being spared the axe,” says Carr.

Experts are blaming economic weakness, public spending cuts, and a lack of policy clarity for undermining the UK’s progress towards a greener economy.

The report finds that, “The public sector is being particularly hard hit. More than three quarters of those in public administration roles said their organization’s environmental employment levels are falling.”

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