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Handmade Baby Blanket and Toy Maker Comes Out With Halloween Teddy Bear Collection

Handmade organic Halloween-themed teddy bears by BBsForBabies. Photo courtesy of BBsForBabies.

It’s always important to remember that Halloween is a holiday that should be enjoyed by children of all ages, even the every tiniest babies. Looking for cute Halloween gift ideas for babies that can be used for more than just a day, I came across an adorable collection of Halloween teddy bears made by BBsForBabies.

The teddy bears come in the themes of a mummy, vampire, Frankenstein, zombie, and a ghost.


It’s a collection of handmade, certified organic cotton teddy bears, with interiors that are stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fillings. Many of the bears also have eyes made from real buttons.

A sweet feature is that each style of teddy bear is that each has a heart on the side with its own individual saying.

The vampire says, “I love sewing.” The mummy says, “I love ribbons.”  The zombie says, “I love stuffing.” Frankenstein says, “I love stiches.” And, the ghost says, “I love fabric.”


These teddy bears make great pillows for babies at home and while traveling.

They’re all very durable, machine-washable, and can go in the dryer.

And, they’re all handmade in the Norman, Okla. in the United States.

BBsForBabies ships worldwide, and its products can be found on its website, on Facebook, and on Etsy.

Reader comments and input are always welcomed!

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