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Cute Ideas for Cuddly Organic Winter-Themed Stuffed Toys For That Special Baby In Your Life

Dandelion Organic Winter Snowman Plush Toy

If you’re looking for a gift for that special little one in the heart of the winter season, I have some really cute ideas for you.

When I think of winter, I think of things like snowmen, and animals that symbolize the season, like polar bears, penguins, owls, and whales.

I found these and a lot more, all made of organic and natural materials, on some very well-known websites – Diapers.com, Little Spruce Organics, and Under the Nile.


Diapers.com is well known for baby supplies, like all kinds of diapers, including organic reusable cloth, and things like formulas, nursing supplies, clothes, etc. But, they also have a great collection of toys, including organic winter stuffed toys that are adorable.

The Dandelion Organic Winter Snowman Plush Toy is one of my favorites because it’s cute and it’s not specific to the holidays, and it’s great for the entire winter season.

Arctic Organic Cotton Splash Toys. Image from i play.

The snowman has an exterior velour that’s made of organic cotton fibers and the interior is filled with soft corn fibers, says Dandelion.com, which makes and also sells product itself. The snowman is 12 inches tall and is machine washable. It’s perfect for birth to three years old.

Also really cute at Diapers.com are the Arctic Organic Cotton Splash Toys from i play. They are a penguin, a polar bear, an artic whale, and a seal. There available individually at Diapers.com and as a package at i play.

These bath toys have an exterior made of cotton terry cloth with a polyester filling. They also have a hanging loop for quick drying.

Little Spruce Organics

Little Spruce Organics is another great place to find a whole plethora of stuff you need for your baby, including organic baby apparel, organic cloth diapering products, breastfeeding apparel, and a huge assortment of toys.

Living Crafts Organic Cotton Winter Owl.

The toy selection at Little Spruce includes activity gyms & play mats, dangling toys, rattles, teethers, blocks, push pull toys, wooden toys, bath toys, stacking & sorting toys, games & puzzles, and organic stuffed toys.

The Living Crafts Organic Cotton Winter Owl is one of my favorite toys at Little Spruce. Living Crafts in Germany makes the owl, which is made from 100 percent organic cotton certified by the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN), Demeter, and meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The winter owl is made in India, but Little Spruce informs that the “organic cotton is grown and handpicked in Mali and India,” and all of the fabric dyes are made without the use of heavy metals or formaldehyde. Also, all of the buttons and zippers are made of chrome and nickel-free metal. The dimensions of the toys are 8” long x 5” wide x 3” deep.

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Flat Bear.

Another great toy at Little Spruce is the Organic Cotton Flat Bear made by Under the Nile. These toys are designed for babies to chew on, and made with100 percent Egyptian organic cotton inside and out.

The flat bear’s cotton is certified organic by Demeter and meets GOTS. In addition, only metal-free or vegetable dyes are used, and the accessories including the buttons and zippers are made from environmentally friendly materials like wood, shells, and nickel-free metals. The bear is made in Egypt and stands about 8 inches tall.

Under the Nile

Under the Nile is a great company that produces and sells a whole host of organic items to meet babies and children’s needs including apparel, toys, and accessories such as blankets, bibs, rattles, booties, and hats.

Under the Nile has a huge eco toy collection that’s made of soft plush organic cotton, and features items like dolls, teething toys, fruit toys, and animal toys. Some of my favorite winter animals from the eco collection are the polar bear and the humpback whale.

Under the Nile Polar Bear.

A great thing about all of the toys made by Under the Nile is that they are made and stuffed with 100 percent organic Egyptian cotton that is GOTS certified.

In addition, as previously mentioned, Under the Nile only uses dyes that are vegetable-based, metal-free, and contain no PVC (poly vinyl chloride).

The company also talks about its whitening process, saying, “We do not use bleach. Sometimes the cotton harvest of a particular year is more on the yellow side. To achieve our white color, we use a natural whitening process, which uses hydrogen peroxide.”

Under the Nile also continues that, “We do not use chemical finishing on our fabrics. One of the most dangerous chemicals found in the finishing of conventional fabrics is formaldehyde. Babies and children are very sensitive to this chemical, and having it on the clothes they wear can cause skin rashes, couching, and flu-like symptoms.”

The company also doesn’t use flame retardants on any of its products, but says that all of its products meet Federal Safety Commission requirements. In addition, all of the toys are tested according to the ASTM United States government standard as well as EN1 European standard.

Under the Nile Humpback Whale.

Under the Nile also goes to great care to tell consumers how to take care of their products. The company says, “Our toys should not be immersed in water and left out to dry. They should be machine-washed and machine-dried thoroughly. This ensures that the organic cotton inside does not remain wet and allow mold to grow. If you put a bath towel in the dryer with the toy, it will dry much faster.

“The only time you would spot clean an Under the Nile toy is if it says ‘spot clean’ on the handtag. The spot clean directions are for our larger toys that cannot be machine-washed. Again, do not immerse the toy in water – only take a damp cloth with a mild detergent to wash away the spot that needs cleaning. Use a detergent that does not contain chlorine, phosphate, dyes, or phenols, just all natural ingredients.”

The polar bear, which is 9 inches tall, and the humpback whale, which is 10 inches tall, fit into spot cleaning category of care. Besides concern for its customers and care for its products, the company also takes pride in how it treats the workers that create its products.

The company says that, “All Under the Nile products are Fair Trade. A fair price is paid to all workers, from cotton growers to weavers.

“Our partnership with SEKEM Farm ensures that all of our employees work in a comfortable environment that includes open spaces, sufficient light and fresh air, along with exercise activities during the day. Two organic meals are served to all our workers in Egypt on a daily basis.”

The companies of the SEKEM Group create high quality products processed from the group’s own organic agricultural crops and are sold on the national and international market.

The SEKEM Group says, “The returns of these companies are partly reinvested into social and cultural activities. Today, the SEKEM Development Foundation runs a school, a medical center, a vocational training center, various programs for socially disadvantaged children and several research and training programs from which all SEKEM employees can profit.”

Reader comments and input are always welcomed!

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